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There are two different types of Chrome Soft golf balls that you can purchase. The main factors that distinguish one from the other are hardness, durability, spin rate and performance in wet conditions. The regular chrome soft golf ball has a more rigid core than its softer counterpart making it more durable when hit at high speeds or off rough surfaces. This causes minor surface damage and maintains performance in wet conditions. The chrome soft X golf ball features a softer core which makes it more impressive for its spin rate and control but leaves it less durable than the regular Chrome Soft counterpart.
The difference between these two balls lies in their compression rating, which is higher on the X model than on the original Chrome Soft due to its new core technology. To understand, which one is better, keep reading the blog.

What is Chrome Soft?

Callaway Golf first introduced the Chrome Softball. Callaway Chrome Soft has been a best-selling golf ball ever since for its soft feel off the clubface and smooth flight trajectory that is perfect for high handicappers or players with slower swing speeds.

chrome soft vs chrome soft x

Callaway Chrome Soft review is made from a compression-moulded urethane elastomer cover that provides an excellent feel off the clubface. It features a two-piece construction for an even more impressive performance.

The Chrome Soft golf ball comes in three different models: Regular, Tour Performance (TP), and X. The regular model has a lower compression rating; the Tour Performance model has a higher compression and provides more control for golfers with swing speeds of 80 mph or above.

What is Chrome Soft X?

Chrome Soft X is a soft golf ball that performs well when it comes to distance and straightness. The newest model, Chrome Soft X, is designed to keep its soft feel even after multiple hits on any surface and retains its distance and the ability to fly straighter than most other models.

Chrome Soft X review is a softer version of the regular model with a compression rating of 55. It is a perfect choice for those looking to control their ball flight.

The Chrome Soft X comes in three models: Regular (box of 24), TP (either box of 12 or canister)

Difference Between Chrom Soft vs Chrome Soft X

The key differences between these two balls is durability versus performance; if you’re looking to maximize your distance off the tee with minimal loss of control, the regular chrome soft golf ball is a better choice. If you’re looking for a maximum spin with wet weather performance and durability, choose the Chrome Soft X.

Another main difference between these two balls lies in their compression rating, which is higher on the X model than on the original due to its new core technology. You can purchase both kinds of golf balls at any reputable retail store that sells them or online if you know the type of ball you want.

A low compression golf ball like Chrome Soft feels softer off the clubface and has a lower piercing trajectory than balls with high compression levels, meaning they typically fly shorter distances with more accuracy. In addition, these types of balls are easier to compress when practising on mats or putting greens because they don’t have as much resistance.

chrome soft vs chrome soft x

Chrome Soft X balls are more durable and have a longer lifespan than the original Chrome Softball, but they cost about $15-$20 more per dozen. It’s worth noting that these two models share many of the same features, so if you’re trying to save money on your next order of golf balls, this might not be a good choice.

Compression level: low or high.

Feel of the ball off clubface: softer, lower trajectory and shorter distances with more accuracy (Chrome Soft) or more durable and longer lifespan at a higher price point (Chrome Soft X). The standard ball share many similar features, so it’s worth figuring out what you’re going for if cost is a factor.

Who should use:

Low compression and short to medium hitters, beginner golfers with slower swing speeds, or playing on mats or putting greens.

The heavier golfer will see more distance using the Chrome Softballs, while lighter players may find that they want to go for something softer like the Chrome Soft X.

Best Performance:

If you want the best performance golf ball for your swing speed and ability, then it would be worth any extra cost to go with Chrome Soft X. To get more distance off of each drive and not worry about replacing them as often when they lose their compression or start showing some wear from heavy use like on a putting green. If you’re a beginner golfer with slower swing speeds, you’ll get more distance and less roll when using Chrome Softballs.

chrome soft vs chrome soft x


This is the difference between Chrome Soft vs Chrome Soft X golf ball choices so that you can make an educated decision for what will work best for your game. If cost is a factor, then look at each of their cost and see which one is the best fit for you.

The cost of standard ball about 27 cents per ball, while the Chrome Soft X retail price is about $35. The packing of dozen balls will be cheaper.

More Distance:

The Chrome SoftX golf ball has more distance off each drive, better performance in wet conditions, but it’s also slightly more expensive than its predecessor, the Chrome Soft golf ball. For this reason, we recommend that if you’re an experienced golfer with faster swing speeds, the Chrome SoftX golf ball will be best for you.

Advice For Beginners:

If you’re starting and don’t have a lot of speed, then we recommend that you use the less premium quality balls, which are still durable enough to give your game some consistency but not as good at a distance off of each drive or in wet conditions. We also recommend that you use these golf balls on courses with fewer obstacles.

Which one is the best, Chrome Soft Vs Chrome Soft X?

If you’re looking for a soft ball that is the most durable in wet conditions and don’t mind paying more than double, then we recommend getting the Chrome SoftX golf ball. The softer ball will give your game about 25% more distance, and be aware of how difficult it can be to find these balls due to limited production numbers. Softer Golf balls are the choice of the elite golfers and the swing speed players.

chrome soft vs chrome soft x

For those looking for a Chrome Soft golf ball that is less expensive, you’ll want to find the standard Chrome Soft instead. It will give you about 12-18% more distance off your drives, but they’re not as durable in wet conditions and difficult to find due to limited production numbers. But for everyday golfers it isn’t that bad choice. It will provide you with solid performance with distance with control.