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We all know that the majority of golfers don’t take lessons, and it’s not hard to know why. Lessons are expensive, but more importantly, how does one decide where to induce them? Does one attend the professional at your course? Take a recommendation from a friend? How does one know if you’ll like what they’re teaching?

The level of GolfTEC had been risen to an unprecedented level by offering golfers a wealth of technology. This even due to somewhat standardized approach to instruction. I recently checked sure a lesson to induce my driver on course and to allow you to know if your next lesson should be at GolfTEC.

Full Disclosure: I worked at GolfTEC for 6 months in 2020.

NOTE my dear readers: It seems, especially currently, that GolfTEC has done a poor job with customer service. While, as I explain during this piece, things vary from one center to the following, it appears that the new corporate policies aren’t consumer-friendly.

Summarizing My Experience Of GolfTEC Review In A Few Words:

GolfTEC provides a robust base of technology for his or her teachers to figure from. With the proper instructor, lessons with GolfTEC will be an excellent experience.

The Swing Evaluation

So, I start from the very beginning. Your first lesson with GolfTEC is termed the Swing Evaluation. This can be a lesson that lasts between 60 and 90 minutes where you get to satisfy your coach, discuss your game, evaluate your swing, and put together with thought for improvement.

I had my lesson with Mr. Robinson, a former college golfer and PGA and LPGA Golf Professional, who has taught 3,000+ lessons with GolfTEC.

Swing Evaluation

We started by discussing this state of my game, which is to mention, the sorry state of my driver.

Since I had a transparent idea of what I needed to repair, our discussion was fairly brief, but these interviews are often a considerable part of the method.

The next step was to determine the “Before” swing. I got strapped into GolfTEC’s proprietary motion capture technology and hit a variety of drives. After some swings, Meredith and that I went through the video frame by frame-breaking down what was good and what needed improvement.

At now, I, like most golfers, was thoroughly disgusted with my swing and prepared to repair it. Meredith showed me the primary change we were visiting made, and that we began performing on drills to start out ingraining that. As our lesson came to in-depth, she captured an “After” swing to indicate to me the development, and that we discussed what the following steps would be.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of GolfTEC


  • The biggest reason for taking a lesson with GolfTEC is that the technology and golfers’ favorite piece of technology is video. Each GolfTEC bay is provided with two cameras showing your swing from face-on and down-the-line views. Every swing that you simply make during the lesson is filmed so that you’ll see if you’re making the changes you wish or if you’re stuck in your bad habits. During the lesson, your coach has the flexibility to draw lines on the video (just like Peter Kostis) parenthetically her points and provides you guidance.
  • Video is simply part of GolfTEC’s technology package. As I discussed earlier, they need proprietary motion capture that tells you ways your body is moving during the swing. You’ll notice within the picture above that there are numbers on the left side of the screens. Those are the motion capture numbers, and also the colors indicate what I’m doing well (green), ok (yellow), and poorly (red), supported a composite of professional players’ swings. Finally, many GolfTEC bays have Foresight launch monitors. This permits players to not only see the swing but the result likewise.
  • GolfTEC also offers plenty between lessons. Each lesson comes with a “take-home report” that you simply can access online as often as you would like. Your coach makes this report during your lesson – they’ll post certain drills, thoughts, and a before and after swing comparison – to assist you to keep the data and better your practice. Finally, most GolfTEC students have practice memberships that allow them to use the bays between lessons. This provides them access to the video, motion capture, and launch monitor so that they will come to the following lesson able to learn something new.


  • The same danger that exists in golf instructional generally exists at GolfTEC: bad teachers. GolfTEC has some great teachers, like Meredith.However, you must not assume that a lecturer is sweet because he’s employed for GolfTEC, even as you not should assume they’re good. After all, they need PGA credentials. Before you arrange to even one lesson, ensure you discover a certified coach that you just enjoy.
  • Another negative that may even be applied outside GolfTEC is that coaches can get fixed within the numbers and also the way things look. This can be less of a priority since the introduction of Foresight, but it’s still very easy to be seduced by delineation, green numbers, and comparisons to pro’s swings. While it’s important to trust your coach, you furthermore may ensure the main focus is on real, meaningful improvement, not just aesthetics and numbers.
  • My final concern is GolfTEC’s high turnover. While some coaches make GolfTEC into a career, many don’t. You will start your lessons with a lecturer whom you enjoy, only to be transferred to somebody else when he leaves. This might happen in any instructional situation, so it wouldn’t stop me from taking lessons, but it’s something to remember of.


Prices for a lesson at GolfTEC will vary supported by your location and also the teacher that you’re working with. The Swing Evaluation or I simply say your first lesson – typically costs between $99 to $150.

From there, your instructor recommends a thought which will range from five 30-minute lessons to a year-long package of lessons and practice time.

GolfTEC is targeted at long-term relationships with their students because they believe that’s required for real improvement. If you’d prefer for somebody to slap a band-aid on your hole instead of fixing your swing piece by piece, this is often not for you.


If you’re able to invest the time and money into improving your game, I like to recommend adding GolfTEC to the list of places that you just investigate.

They need a superb technology package which will speed up your improvement and make lessons more fun.

Like most things, however, it’s those that make the difference, so confirm that you just find a tutor you wish and trust before diving in.